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Launchpower is an early stage venture capital firm focused on Silicon Valley technology opportunities. We select our investments based on the the quality of the team, uniqueness of the offering, and the "tangibility" of a sizable market. Our emphasis on addressing tangible markets is based on first hand knowledge of the needs of potential customers.


Launchpower maintains strong relationships with the major global centers of R&D, especially in the USA, Japan, China, Korea, Europe, and other developing technology clusters, but with a particular emphasis on Silicon Valley.  Our mission is to create order out of the chaotic dialogue between industry and communities of technological innovation. Consumers, companies, and nations are inundated with new technology at a rate faster than at any time in history. The challenge is determining the relevance of technology to society & human demand.


Launchpower is structured as a fund managed by an operating entity with long term strategic objectives, which allows us to make investments and manage our portfolio from an asset allocation point of view through our fund, Launchpower LLC, while simultaneously providing comprehensive administrative resources to our portfolio companies at an operational level through Launchpower Ltd. Many of the administrative resources we provide are consistent with services offered by incubators and accelerators.  However, we are not in the business of incubating startups.  We are an investor seeking to maximize our investment returns.