Engineering the Exit                                                                                 



LaunchPower undertakes a very thorough analysis of the market and competitive landscape for each of our investment prospects.  Additionally, we approach and engage multiple potential acquisition suitors on behalf of each of our portfolio companies early in the process with a view toward establishing synergy and engineering auction-driven exits.

LaunchPower begins the investment process by identifying specific market needs, typically those that represent multi-billion dollar markets.  Some examples of these are, but not limited to: Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Mobile and Wireless Applications, Social Media Entertainment, Biotech and Green Technology.  We then engage in a dialogue with the largest and most significant beneficiaries within markets, to define an agenda in which we "build to suit" our investment portfolio to address the demand.  We enable our portfolio companies the ability to focus on product development by providing a comprehensive suite of administrative resources. We provide essential skills to develop and manage each new business as an asset, with LaunchPower supplying the new entity’s internal operations tools and resources.  As each company evolves we anticipate apply critical expertise requirements and immediately apply them.

LaunchPower’s mission is to develop each portfolio company’s offerings to their greatest possible regional and international market potential. This core principle is integrated into our engagement with each technology innovator.  We maintain a close proximity to our investments and an active role in the planning and operations of each of our portfolio companies.  We simultaneously sustain close relationships with corporate interests who provide product development direction to our companies as they mature.

LaunchPower represents a fusion of the investment and technology markets, delivering investment opportunities that previously have been part of the IPO landscape which has diminished significantly over the past ten years.  Moreover, we provide investors an access to the upside potential of one of the most dynamic and creative business cultures in the world – Silicon Valley – known the world over as the epicenter of technological innovation.