Engineering the Exit                                                                                 


The Opportunity:

Within the last decade the US capital markets have become increasingly less accessible to issuers and investors alike.  IPOs are less than half as frequent as they were in 2000; and the typical market cap for new issues is more than seven-times what it was back then.  A number of economic forces have contributed to this shift in the markets, one of which is the trend towards larger private equity funds and the increasing participation in the venture capital market by other large institutional investors.


However, in contrast to the decrease in access to the capital markets, there is rapid growth in access to innovation opportunities.  In fact, there is a modern renaissance taking place in Silicon Valley.  Though technology companies and entrepreneurs have anchored themselves in Silicon Valley for decades, something much bigger is happening today.  Innovation communities are spawning around the world in places that do not have the history of innovation that has so greatly benefited many of the US, Asian and European commercial and academic centers. These nascent innovation communities  are evolving, each at their own pace, and are relying on Silicon Valley for guidance, strategic relationships, access to markets and access to capital more than ever before.


In the very same way that opportunities to engage in commercially viable innovation have become more accessible to non-traditional participants, we intend to democratize access to first tier venture investing and other private equity opportunities. 

Ownership in Launchpower represents participation in Silicon Valley venture capital investing.

Launchpower will initially focus on Engineering the Exit for companies in the following markets:

  • Big data
  • Cyber and security
  • Communications platforms and applications, including mobile
  • Cloud
  • Government/Defense partnerships, sales and exits
  • Healthcare